[28th March 2021]
Catch a replay of our Morning and Evening livestreams from today.

[21st March 2021]
Catch a replay of our Morning and Evening livestreams from today.

[14th March 2021]
Catch a replay of our Morning and Evening livestreams from today.

[7th March 2021]
Catch a replay of our Morning and Evening livestreams from today.

[28th February 2021]
Catch a replay of our Morning and Evening livestreams from today.

[21st February 2021]
Catch a replay of our Morning and Evening livestreams from today.

[15th February 2021]
Catch a replay of our Morning and Evening livestreams from yesterday.

[6th February 2021]
Tune in to our livestream of our service on the 7th of February.

[31st January 2021]
Watch our evening service from the 31st of January.

[31st January 2021]
Watch our morning service from the 31st of January.

[24th January 2021]
Watch our evening service from the 24th of January.

[24th January 2021]
Watch our morning service from the 24th of January.

[17th January 2021]
Watch our evening service from the 17th of January.

[17th January 2021]
Watch our morning service from the 17th of January.

[10th January 2021]
Watch our morning service from the 10th of January.

[3rd January 2021]
Our first morning service of 2021.

[31st December 2020]
Our 2020 New Year’s Eve service.

[27th December 2020]
Our live morning service on the 27th December 2020.

[25th December 2020]
Our live morning service on Christmas Day.

[20th December 2020]
Our live morning service on the 20th December.

[13th December 2020]
This year we shut down our street to vehicle traffic to take our annual Carol service outside onto Park Ridings. Local residents sat in chairs up the road, stood on the pavement, or watched from their windows. It was a moment of light against the background of a dark night in a dark year for many of us. Towards the conclusion of the event, Pastor Ryan spoke from John 1:5 on “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”.

[13th December 2020]
Our live morning service on the 13th December where there were 3 baptisms and 4 people admitted into membership.

[6th December 2020]
Our live morning service on the 6th December.

[29th November 2020]
Have you ever had a fear of curses? Sometimes with the trials and temptations that we face, we feel as though we’re under a curse because of our own sin or the sins of those around us. And there is some truth to that. Scripture teaches us that outside of Christ, we are under the curse of the law. However, Christ became a curse for us and has forgiven us of our sin, and now we who trust in Christ can walk in light of God’s smile upon us.

[22nd November 2020]
Our evening Evangelistic event – What is the Point? by Barry King

[22nd November 2020]
What is the mark of a person who enters the Kingdom of God? We will see in the parable of the sower that there’s only one kind of person out of the four described that truly hears the word and bears fruit which demonstrates that they’ve received the kingdom.

[15th November 2020]
It’s not uncommon for us believers to find it difficult to be a light in this dark world, and so we try to do so in our own strength and then end up getting burnt out. In Zechariah 4 we see the secret to being a glowing light in this world – The Holy Spirit.

[8th November 2020]
Do you ever feel unclean before you enter God’s presence? Does the guilt of your previous or even current sins hold you back from drawing near to God? If this describes you, then you’re not alone. In Zechariah 3 we Joshua the High Priest before the presence of God with dirty clothing which represents his sin, and is also being accused by Satan for his uncleanliness. But God in His grace and mercy provides Joshua with new spotless robes, thus taking away his iniquity. And God can do the same for you in Christ by His blood.

[2nd November 2020]
With a second lockdown being recently announced by our Prime Minister, what is our response as a church to these new restrictions?

[1st November 2020]
We are back in the book of Zechariah this week. And we will encounter the city of Jerusalem without walls and how God will be their wall, but also see how God’s love and protection for the earthly Jerusalem points to the heavenly Jerusalem that His people will inhabit.

[25th October 2020]
This week Elder Charles will be taking us through 1 Thessalonians 3 where we see an example of how Paul sought to establish the faith of those in Thessalonica, and how we can do the same in our local church context.

[18th October 2020]
In this sermon at the end of chapter 1 of the book Zechariah, we will encounter how God steps in for His people and fights against their enemies for His glory.

[11th October 2020]
This week we’re continuing chapter 1 of Zechariah, and we will discover that the Lord is present with His people even in their lowest valleys.

[4th October 2020]
This week we’re in the beginning of chapter 1 in the book of Zechariah, and we see the Lord reminding His people of His dealings with their ancestors in times past and how He still calls them to return to them even now.

[27th September 2020]
This week we are starting a new series in the book of Zechariah titled: “The Lord will be King – The Supremacy of Christ Over All Things.” This week Pastor Ryan will be giving us an overview/prologue of the book before we dive in to chapter 1.

[20th September 2020]
In this week’s sermon we are in the Book of Exodus, and specifically looking at the person of Moses as he’s characterised by standing up for those who are oppressed and seeks to deliver them out of their oppression. We often can look around at our world and our immediate circumstances and wonder: Who will deliver us? Who and where’s our Moses? As believer’s we can rejoice in the fact that have Jesus Christ who is greater than Moses, and provides us a better deliverance.

[13th September 2020]
A wonderful day. Six new members were received – two by baptism. Each gave powerful testimonies of God’s grace in their life – you can hear them on our livestream, even if the streaming quality wasn’t quite what we hoped it would be. Still others have inquired about baptism and church membership. A couple announced their engagement to be married. We enjoyed a great time of worship and celebration together followed by a fellowship barbecue. We give thanks for what God has done.

[13th September 2020]
Rewatch this past Sunday’s baptism service which was live-streamed on social media.

[10th September 2020]
What is the present trajectory of Covid-19 in the U.K.? Does the new “rule of six”, which limits social gatherings to no more than six people, apply to churches?

[6th September 2020]
This week Elder Charles will be completing chapter 2 of 1 Thessalonians by looking at what it takes for us to grow spiritually and how we can be an aid to one another in doing so.

[30th August 2020]
Continuing in 1 Thessalonians, Elder Charles will take us through the first half of chapter 2 to show us the example of the great lengths Paul took to minister to the Thessalonians, and how we can imitate this in our local church context.

[23rd August 2020]
In this sermon, Elder Charles will be guiding us through the first chapter of 1 Thessalonians to show us what marks a healthy church.

[16th August 2020]
In this final sermon of our miniseries in the Book of Hebrews, we will finally explore Jesus as King. What does it mean for Jesus to be King? What kind of King is He? And what does His Kingship means for those of us who trust in Him?

[9th August 2020]
We are continuing our miniseries in the Book of Hebrews exploring Jesus as Prophet, Priest and King. This week we will be looking at Jesus as our Great High Priest, and how this enables us as believers to boldly approach God’s presence through Him; and how we as believers are priests ourselves because of Christ.

[2nd August 2020]
This week we’re starting a new series in the Book of Hebrews where we’re exploring what it means for Jesus to be Prophet, Priest and King and what this means for us as believers. In this sermon we will look at Jesus as a Prophet.

[31st July 2020]
COVID-19 Update and Encouragement from Pastor Ryan Burton King. Do watch the video, and for clarity, a transcript is provided on Facebook:

[26th July 2020]
Elder Charles will be taking us into Isaiah 40 where we see how God through the prophet Isaiah gives His people hope and comfort amidst their trials and sufferings, and the confidence they should have in the durability and firmness of God’s word. And also the text points God’s people to the coming of their Messiah – Jesus Christ.

[20th July 2020]
This week we’re in the book of Malachi where we see how God takes the institution of marriage seriously and even binds it with His own Spirit. Also, we will see that although is a gift from God to His image bearers, it’s not ultimately about us but about Him.

[12th July 2020]
We started this current sermon series with Jesus’ first sign at a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and now we end with Jesus’ last sign in the Book of John at a funeral in Bethany. In this sermon, we’ll see how Jesus demonstrates His authority and rule over death, and the fact that He gives life. But also, we’ll see Jesus reckon with human pain and grief in this short sentence – “Jesus wept.” We hope and pray that this sermon blesses you and that this series has blessed you and has opened your eyes to see the divinity of Jesus Christ.

[5th July 2020]
Sight is a wonderful gift from God. Having the ability to see vibrant colours, people, places, where you’re going and more, is truly precious. But imagine being in a world where the concept of colour just doesn’t exist? And then out of the blue having your sight given to you by a stranger passing by? In this next sermon in the “From a Wedding to a Funeral” series, we’ll see Jesus encounter and heal a man blind from birth, and see how this man’s blindness wasn’t a result of anyone’s sin but was to point to glory of God. And also, we’ll discover that there’s a kind of sight that’s of more importance than physical sight.

[1st July 2020]
A message from Pastor Ryan Burton King.

[28th June 2020]
As we continue to explore the signs of Jesus in the gospel of John, we’ll see in this sermon how Jesus seeks to feed the 5000 that have followed Him with 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fish. An amazing feat that causes the crowd to declare Him as their king and deliverer from the oppression of the Roman Empire. But their idea of kingship and deliverance falls far short of the kingship status that Jesus already possessed and the deliverance He came to bring.

[26th June 2020]

[21st June 2020]
In this week’s sermon from the “From a Wedding to a Funeral” series, we see Jesus encounter a man who for the entirety of his life has been broken and held down by his infirmity, and seems to be content with where he is, until Jesus cuts through his evasion and heals him. Often times we may feel broken by our sinful choices, or our circumstances, and we can feel burdened and weighed down by them. However, Jesus sees and understands our brokenness, but He doesn’t leave us there, rather He puts His hand forward and asks us: “Do you want to be made well?”

[14th June 2020]
What do you do when you’re afraid? Do you stare at the frightening circumstances that surround you? Do you run away from your problems? Do you frantically seek help from those may provide support and counsel, but can’t actually alleviate or conquer your fears? Or do you run to Jesus, who is the only One who is sovereign over the circumstance that you face? In this sermon of the “From a wedding to a funeral” series we see a man who walks from his situation to the One who can deal with it directly.

[12th June 2020]
We are grateful for signs that things are moving in a good direction. Do pray for us as we try to respond positively, creatively, and safely to the ever changing situation.

[7th June 2020]
Are you tired of the injustices in the world and in your nation and in the local community? Are you fed up with the constant oppression and hatred against people who can’t defend or speak up for themselves? Are you fed up with the continuous exploitation of the weak and the poor? Do you feel a righteous indignation within at the evil that you see all around you? You’re not alone. Jesus, the Son of God demonstrated His righteous indignation at the injustice and exploitation displayed in the outer courts of the Jewish temple. The sign we see here is the foretelling of the destruction of the temple. But not the physical building but His own body.

[1st June 2020]
This week, as we embark in a new series on the signs of Jesus in the Gospel of John, we take a look at Jesus’ first sign of turning water to wine. We see that once we’ve ran out and are empty, there’s only one Person we can turn to to refill us afresh.

[29th May 2020]
This weeks update and encouragement from our Pastor Ryan King

[24th May 2020]
The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah’s wickedness comes to God’s hearing. Justice must be done. Lot and his family are urged to flee for their lives by two angels, but what does Lot do? He hesitates. “What was he thinking?”, we may ask – and rightly so. But we must ask ourselves a similar question: “why do we hesitate at the things that require our attention, now?”

[22nd May 2020]
This week’s COVID-19 update and encouragement announces a likely – though not certain – date from which we can meet again. It also draws from the story of Christ’s ascension to encourage us to prepare to go back into the city in obedience to Christ.

[17th May 2020]
David, on the run from King Saul, and being rejected whilst seeking refuge, finds himself in a cave and soon sees himself receiving those who are rejected, distressed and discontented. David’s reception of those who are rejected and dejected is a type of Jesus, the Son of David who calls all those who are distressed and heavy-laden to Himself and to receive them as His people.

[15th May 2020]
Pastor Ryan King documents his reason as to why he trusts in Christ during a crisis. This is part of the Grace Baptist Partnership series: “I Hope in Christ”.

[10th May 2020]
As we draw our Rebuild series in the book of Haggai to a close, we look forward to the promise of the Lord who will shake and destroy everything and anything that is in opposition to Him. We also see that through the line of Zerubbabel, God will bring about a Kingdom that will not be shaken.

[8th May 2020]
75 years ago, Prime Minister Winston Churchill declared Victory in Europe. This VE Day we find ourselves facing a different struggle, and counting different costs. We have a ways yet to go. But don’t give up.
Watch this week’s update and encouragement below.

[3rd May 2020]
Just because you do spiritual stuff, does not make you holy. Just because you have had contact with people, places, or things, that have been touched by holiness does not make you holy. Your proximity to right relationship with God by virtue of relationships or activities does not mean you possess right relationship with God. As the Israelites resume work on the temple, they learn this. We should learn it too!

[1st May 2020]
This week’s update – later than usual but with some important info about how we may resume gatherings when able.

[26th April 2020]
After being motivated to rebuild the temple, the Israelites are becoming discouraged at the lesser glory of the second temple. However, God promises to restore glory to this temple and even beyond what His people would hope.

[23rd April 2020]
Weekly COVID-19 update from Pastor Ryan King.

[19th April 2020]
Pastor Ryan King resumes our Rebuild series in the book of Haggai, where he preaches on what motivates God’s people to obey His voice.

[16th April 2020]
This week’s update, almost a month since the first one, from Pastor Ryan King. Do watch, especially if you are a member or in regular attendance at Grace Baptist Church Wood Green.

[12th April 2020]
During this Coronavirus pandemic period we’re seeing many pictures of the rainbow as a sign of hope, but why? This Easter Sunday, Pastor Ryan King reminds us of the sign of hope that the rainbow gives us and how it points us to Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

[8th April 2020]
Update to the church, with encouragement, and a few practical points (HT: Ed Stetzer) for pointing people to the Christian hope this Easter season.

[5th April 2020]
Pastor Ryan King preaches on John 19:1-22 and the hope we have in the Kingship of Jesus Christ and the authority He possesses over every earthly throne.

[2nd April 2020]
Love in the time of Corona.

[29th March 2020]
Pastor Ryan King preaches on Haggai 1:3-11, continuing Grace Baptist Church’s “Rebuild” series through the Book of Haggai.

[24th March 2020]
An updated pastoral announcement in light of the latest guidance. A few points:
1. Please obey the government and stay home, except for the few exceptions articulated quite clearly last night by the Prime Minister.
2. If you are physically vulnerable or unwell, please self-isolate. If you need help with shopping, medicine or anything else, call Pastor Ryan: 07582503683.
3. If you are mentally vulnerable or unwell, our pastor enjoys greater freedom of movement as a key worker, and an appointment can be made for him to go to you (meetings of 2 outside the home are allowed at present). As for you though, stay put.
4. All small group gatherings of the church must revert to Zoom. A link will be circulated to people involved in church life. If others want to join, ask for the link and we will send it to you.
5. Our micro-gatherings this past Sunday really cannot continue as hoped in light of the lockdown. A pre-recorded sermon will be circulated again, with a playlist.

[24th March 2020]
On Sunday, six people from the church distributed a further 200 or so street specific leaflets offering help to neighbours on three local roads so far neglected by community groups and COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK. We have already had response to this and our earlier estate efforts and as the nation goes into lockdown, expect even more. Pray for us.

[23rd March 2020]
God has been preparing us, if we were listening. This message was delivered on 01 March, which in light of current events, seems much longer ago than it really is. The conclusion addresses us again, today:
“God’s work is what produces our work. God’s love for us is what produces our love. The joy of the Lord is our strength, therefore we trust in him. Because God has worked in us and God has worked for us and we know this powerfully and personally in Jesus Christ, we are able to work out the salvation that God has already worked in, with fear and trembling, with faithfulness and trust.
Brothers and sisters, I don’t know what you went through in the past week additional to what I’ve already mentioned. I don’t know what you will go through in the coming weeks. Perhaps, and I wince inside because I’m going to have to go through it with you – maybe this message is not about the past week, maybe it’s for you, to prepare you for weeks ahead. When I was preaching through 1 Corinthians 15 at the end of the year, I said that – that God is preparing us… for loss. I prayed against it, but it’s going to happen because we are perishable. When our brother Michael preached his first message back in January and spoke about spiritual warfare I said that God was preparing us, and he said God’s preparing us, God’s given this to us because we are in the fight and we may be about to experience warfare of greater intensity from the Satanic, from the demonic.
Brothers and sisters: hold fast to God. He is your help in life. He is your hope in death. Trust the Lord, and he will establish the work of your hands. Yes we are perishable, but God is invincible.” – Pastor Ryan King

[22nd March 2020]
Pastor Ryan King expounds Romans 8:31-39: “What shall we say to suffering?”

[20th March 2020]
Social distancing? Self isolating? It is vital that your self-care and neighbour-love be truly holistic, not just physical. Spiritual nourishment from hearing the word of God proclaimed is particularly vital. Our recently completed series on 1 Corinthians is now available in full on YouTube. So much of it is relevant in the present crisis, not least the 5 messages with which we concluded 2019 – on death and resurrection – and the four messages with which we began 2020, on always abounding in the work of the Lord. God has been preparing us, if we were listening.

[19th March 2020]
Tonight at 7pm, we would normally gather for prayer. Some of us (less than 10, healthy, and taking necessary precautions) may still do so informally. Others will attempt to mitigate present constraints by tuning in by conference call. Some will simply spend the evening with their families. Wherever you are and however you choose to adapt to the present crisis, we encourage you to join us in praying through this helpful guide.

[18th March 2020]
In light of the developing COVID-19 crisis, the elders met last night, followed by a larger gathering of men in the church. Though there are contextual nuances to the decisions made, in summary, all formal church gatherings are at present suspended. We are investigating ways of digitally ministering to one another at this time, without leaving anyone out. Some basic points:
1. Continue in prayer
2. Read the Bible. Ask the three big questions we have taught you: what does this say about God/Jesus, what does this say about people, what does this say about me and how I need to grow and change.
3. Seek ways and opportunities of serving one another and fellowship informally with each other.
4. Over 70s, people with underlying health issues, and pregnant women must follow the guidance and not attend gatherings of more than 10 people, if any at all.
5. Pastor Ryan Burton King will prepare a pre-recorded video sermon for people to watch with their families, and with anyone they may have over (in compliance with government guidance, of course).
6. The work of ministry goes on, and with it, our needs as a church. Please continue to give, either by laying aside an offering in a jar or plate, or paying into our account (details can be provided upon request).

[17th March 2020]
On Sunday, Pastor Ryan King outlined an effort to help our most vulnerable and neglected neighbours during the present crisis. Close to 300 people will receive one of these today.

[14th March 2020]
We have been monitoring developments with COVID-19. Government guidelines, in consultation with Public Health England, are presently such that there is no need for us to suspend gathering at present. You are more likely to catch something or pass it on in the long queues of bulk-buyers that will be snaking through Wood Green’s shops than at church tomorrow. Everything will therefore proceed as planned – growth groups at 10 am, worship at 11 am, and instead of worship at 6 pm, we will have a 4.30 pm service to which we have invited other churches. Nneoma Efedua (Elder Charles’s wife) works in the North Middlesex Hospital ICU. She writes:


This is very serious and must not be taken lightly, however we must also trust in the Lord and use wisdom. This is not a time to be fearful.

Please pay attention and follow the correct procedures.

Pray for this world.
Pray for those trying to create a antidote.
Pray for the healthcare workers risking their lives and family for those that are sick.

*WASH YOUR HANDS* it can not be stressed enough. Soap and water is our best defence.

Don’t touch your mouth or eyes or bite your nails.

If you have to go to public places. *Wash your hands* regularly.

*Wash your hands* before you eat

If you cough, cough into a tissue and bin it then *wash your hands*. If you don’t have a tissue cough into your elbow. *Wash your hands*

If you have a cough or cold or a slight temperature, protect your neighbour and self isolate – with good rest and lots of water most young people recover. I say protect your neighbour because although younger people recover, they also are carriers and may pass it onto an older person who may not be as strong.

Lets us also use this as a time to demonstrate what trusting in the Lord looks like.

Try not to watch too much social media. Best sources of information are:
Or…/o…/department-of-health-and-social-care “

[13th March 2020]
Due to ongoing fears about Covid-19 expressed at today’s Little Feet Parents and Toddlers group, the potential for children to be relatively asymptomatic super-spreaders, and danger to carers and workers with compromised immunity, we are suspending the group until further notice.

[8th March 2020]
“Last year, a virus swept the UK (population 66.44 million) . Between October and the end of February 2019, 2182 people had been admitted to ICU or HDU across the country. The virus was not containable or traceable and 195 people were killed by it – serious, but down from 241 the year before.

This year, the same virus has attacked the USA (population 327.2 million). 32 million people have been sick with it. 310,000 have been hospitalised. 18,000 and growing have died from it.

No. I am not talking about coronavirus, but seasonal flu. Hopefully, this brings some balance and perspective. Not that the two viruses are similar or their impact comparable – there are ways in which coronavirus is demonstrably more serious. It is simply to say that we are very much surrounded by disease and death without coronavirus, and yet we do not panic quite as many are now. While we must not be flippant about this disease, we should also not be afraid.

Coronavirus has hit the entire world, at the time of writing, with 100,000 sicknesses and 3000 deaths globally (the world’s population: 7.7 billion). Common sense hygiene and diet should be practiced – as ever. Government guidance, even quarantine, should be respected and obeyed where implemented. But the hysteria I am seeing or hearing about in the UK and USA is nothing short of grotesque, dangerous, and as I confirmed with an ICU worker this morning, counterfactual. No one is helped and many are hindered or hurt as a result.

Media portrayals of the disease’s origins come at the expense of anyone with Far Eastern features, who are presumed to be Chinese thus assumed to be uniquely capable of spreading a sickness that in truth, doesn’t care where someone is from and has nothing to do with a person’s ethnicity to begin with.

The obscene hoarding of goods comes at the expense of the poor, who live (and therefore shop) from day to day but now find the shelves empty of essentials. They are then exploited by people online or even by smaller shops marking up the cost of basic items from the security of their stockpiles.

The mass panic comes at the expense of emergency services, already overstretched and under resourced, now trying to manage droves of people who are turning up complaining about symptoms that are not coronavirus and which they could treat at home.

The list is much larger than these three items that have come to mind, and others have articulated more points with greater depth, detail, and expertise than me.

As a pastor though, my concern is the response of the church. Every week brings a new crisis to collectively melt down over. Every day presents something else to wring our hands about. The people of the risen Christ must be different and distinct in the way we manage crises, and we must march to the beat of a different drum than a fearful and fragile culture. We must not and cannot get swept away by panic and hysteria. We must not and cannot withdraw from society and what we are called to be and do herein. We must not and cannot act as slaves of fear, but as bold and brave sons of a loving heavenly Father who has shepherded us through valleys far darker than the onslaught of mysterious viruses. We must not and cannot stand down but should step up, and emulate the disposition of people who, when going through their own crises far more serious than our own, were asked, “What is the reason for the hope that is within you?” Are you living in such a way that people would ask you that? Would you be able to answer?” – Pastor Ryan King

Inline with the new Government guidelines we have resumed gatherings on Sunday's with some restrictions. Click here for more updates.